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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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21mar2017 SF
Long ride around SF on a mostly sunny day after a huge spring rainstorm.

17mar2017 Strybing
A visit to the Strybing Arboretum in San Francisco.

14mar2017 SF
In SF with a car, I visited Tank Hill and Twin Peaks. Wildflowers are definitely starting!

13mar2017 San Bruno
Very long bike ride on a 76°F winter day - SF to San Bruno and back.

11mar2017 SF
Nice sunny day in SF, including an early St. Patrick's Day parade.

10mar2017 Hills
A ride up into the Berkeley hills to visit my parents.

08mar2017 Hayward
Biked to Alameda for lunch, and then all the way down to Hayward, just because. Saw lots of nice car logos.

07mar2017 Oakland
Another ride to Oakland and back with bike lane blockers, old car details, and a sunset.

05mar2017 Oakland
To Oakland and back, through alternating sun and hail. ZERO bike lane blockers. Well ok there were a couple but they moved as soon as I got there.

03mar2017 Albany Bulb
A walk in the famous Albany Bulb dump / art gallery.

02mar2017 SF
Biked all day in SF wearing t-shirt and shorts - first time this year!

01mar2017 Oakland
An afternoon ride to Oakland, with lane blockers and car logos.

23feb2017 Marin
Sunny but cold day for a ride from San Rafael to San Francisco.

22feb2017 Oakland
My first Oakland ride in a while. The Telegraph bike lanes now have more soft-hit posts, but people still park there.

18feb2017 Point Pinole
Bike ride to Point Pinole. Also some misc photos from the previous few days when my usual upload computer was down.

14feb2017 SF
A long sunny Valentine's Day ride around the city, including some nice early flowers!

11feb2017 San Leandro
A nice sunny day for a ride to San Leandro BART.

03feb2017 SF
Drizzly day in SF. I had a fun ride anyway.

29jan2017 Bay Bridge
A few pix while biking out the Bay Bridge.

26jan2017 SF
Sunny and WARM finally! I rode around SF.

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