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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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30jul2017 Oakland
Pleasant ride to Oakland and back. Two bike lane blockers and a big gear.

28jul2017 Bay Bridge
Rode the Bay Bridge bike path to SF.

25jul2017 Alameda
Through Oakland to Alameda and back. There are LOTS of nice old cars on Alameda.

22jul2017 SF
A ride from Colma back to downtown SF.

21jul2017 Marin
Did my occasional ride from San Rafael to San Francisco. Also, visited a travelling exhibit of Apollo-Soyuz stuff at the Palace of Fine Arts.

20jul2017 Oakland
Same as yesterday except I rode all the way to San Leandro.

19jul2017 Oakland
A ride through Oakland with, as usual, lots of bike lane blockers.

17jul2017 Oakland
Couple pix from a beach trip the day before, then lots of Oakland bike lane blockers.

15jul2017 Oakland
A ride through Oakland, and a nice sunset due to moisture from Hurricane Eugene.

13jul2017 SF
Went to see the cable car bell ringing contest in SF. Then lunch and a ride.

11jul2017 Oakland
A ride to Oakland with lots of vehicle details and a bee.

08jul2017 SF
All-day ride in San Francisco.

07jul2017 Oakland
Afternoon ride to Oakland, with bike lane blockers and another huge fire site.

06jul2017 SF
A long ride around various corners of the city.

03jul2017 Close-Ups
A few pix in my parents' garden.

02jul2017 Oakland
A ride to Oakland and back.

01jul2017 Marin
Biked from San Rafael to San Francisco.

29jun2017 Bay Bridge
Finishing up demolition of the old Bay Bridge.

28jun2017 SF
A ride in the city with my nephew Henry.

26jun2017 Oakland
A ride through Oakland as far as the ballpark.

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