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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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07aug2015 Oakland
A ride through Oakland, where I saw lots of vehicle logos and a mushroom.

05aug2015 San Pablo Ridge
A classic trail ride in the East Bay hills.

03aug2015 SF
Another day in the city.

27jul2015 SF
A warm afternoon biking around the city.

25jul2015 Kite Fest
Berkeley's annual kite festival.

24jul2015 Botanical Garden
I visited the UC Botanical Garden because one of their Amorphophallus Titanums was about to bloom.

19jul2015 Wandering
Pix from a few rides over the past week.

15jul2015 SF
A few pix on Ocean Beach and in the Presidio.

11jul2015 Marin
A ride from San Rafael to San Francisco.

10jul2015 SF
Rode to Fort Point and back to check out the final construction on the Presidio Parkway.

06jul2015 SF
Another ride from Daly City BART back through the city.

04jul2015 Bay Bridge
I found the new Bay Bridge troll!

03jul2015 SF
A ride in the city plus some misc.

27jun2015 SF
Wandering around the city on Pride Saturday.

19jun2015 SF
Another ride from Daly City back to downtown SF.

16jun2015 'Stick
I wanted to visit Candlestick Park one last time before it's gone.

12jun2015 San Leandro
Biked from Berkeley to San Leandro, had a beer at Drake's Barrel House, then turned upwind and biked home.

08jun2015 SF
First really warm day this year! I wandered around SF on the way to the beach.

02jun2015 SF
Finally getting some actual warm days around here.

30may2015 SF
A quick ride along the SF waterfront. Some ships were visiting.

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