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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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21dec2007 Sunset
Centered sunset from Mad Mark's Castle on the solstice.

15dec2007 Bulb
A trip to the Albany Bulb to do some minor repairs on an artwork I did there years ago. There's a lot of new stuff.

09dec2007 Sunset
Another Golden Gate sunset, this time from the Albany Bulb.

08dec2007 Elegance
The car repair shop around the corner from me had their annual BBQ / car show.

07dec2007 Pacifica
Nice long bike ride from Daly City BART over the hill to Pacifica, then back all the way to downtown SF. It was really windy on the coast!

27nov2007 SF
After a week of sniffles I finally felt well enough to go out for an easy ride in the city.

23nov2007 Sunset
The centered sunset point has progressed to the upper Golden Gate Fields parking lot.

19nov2007 Sunset
Another Golden Gate sunset, this time from near Golden Gate Fields.

14nov2007 Sunset
Another nice sunset from Cesar Chavez Park.

12nov2007 SF
A bike ride in San Francisco with Leo.

11nov2007 Sunset
A couple sunset shots from Cesar Chavez Park.

03nov2007 Battery Townsley
This old gun emplacement in the Marin Headlands was recently re-opened.

02nov2007 Sunset
Tonight's Golden Gate Sunset was from the base of the Berkeley pier. This time the weather cooperated.

01nov2007 Sunset
This was the night that the Golden Gate sunset is viewable from the end of the Berkeley pier. However there was fog.

24oct2007 Sunset
More going on in the sky for this sunset, but not as clear at the horizon.

22oct2007 Sunset
Another Golden Gate centered sunset.

21oct2007 Car Fire
A minor car fire in front of Tokyo Fish Market, around the corner from me.

16oct2007 Drippy
A visit to the UC Botanical Garden right after it stopped raining.

09oct2007 Shoup
A tour of DDG-86, the USS Shoup.

07oct2007 Point Pinole
Bike ride to Point Pinole and back.

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