Help on Admin Page

The Admin page lets system administrators perform various administrative tasks:

Change Appearance

The options here are:

The system automatically enforces a few constraints on the appearance settings - for instance, the various colors can't be too similar to each other, and the logo can't be too large.

Change Default Hotlist

New users get an initial hotlist, which can be set here. See the description of hotlist on the [Settings] page.

Create a New Conference

The options for creating a new conference are:

Change a Conference

This lets administrators change the one-line description, hosts, and type of an existing conference.

Destroy a Conference

Removes a conference from the system. Requires confirmation.

Change a User's Password

If a user forgets his or her password, an administrator can set it to something else. It is impossible for an administrator to find out a user's current password. This command could also be used to temporarily lock a user out of the system, for whatever reason.

Delete a User

Removes a user from the system. Requires confirmation.

Close the System

Temporarily locks out all non-administrator users. All they get is an admin-specified message.

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