Help on Show Conference Page

This page displays the topics in a conference. A sample:

General meeting place.

Select a topic to read:

topic      flags resps new actdate  title

commons.1          83    1 30Aug97  Welcome to the Commons conference.
commons.3          21   13 31Aug97  The Tragic Death of Princess Di

commons.2          29    - 27Aug97  What new conferences should we have?

The topic are displayed in two groups, first those with new responses and then then those without. Within each group they are sorted by topic number. The columns are the topic link; the flags (frozen, linked, retired, forgotten); the total number of responses; the number of new responses; the date of last activity; and the title. Clicking on the topic link takes you to the [topic page], showing you the last 20 or so responses in the topic. Clicking on the new responses link shows just the new responses. Generally, though, you'll sequence through the new responses using the [Next] command.

In addition to the standard buttons, conference pages also have buttons for the [Forgotten/Retired] command, the [Change Name] command, the [Catch Up] command, the [See Recent] command, and for conference hosts only the [Host] page.

Lastly, at the very bottom of the page is a form for starting a new topic. Just fill in the title and the text, optionally set a pseudonym just for this time, and click the [Post] button.

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