Help on Show Topic Page

Topic display pages show the responses in a topic - either all of them or just a range. A sample:

newstech.4: Wish List for New Features

newstech.4.41: pseudotechie <kathbran> Sat 30 Aug 97 15:31

It'd be nice to be able to use some HTML to get colors and stuff in posts.

And, am I the only person who looked and looked for a logout button? I suppose it's not necessary. Old habit, I guess, avoid the "disgraceful exit."

newstech.4.42: Jef Poskanzer <jef> Sat 30 Aug 97 17:06

I'd better document that.

newstech.4.43: Fleur Helsingor <fhelsing> Sat 30 Aug 97 21:04

I looked for a "logout" button, too.

In addition to the standard buttons, topic pages may have an [Earlier Responses] button at the top and/or a [Later Responses] button at the bottom. If the topic page isn't showing the entire topic, then these buttons appear to show previous or subsequent responses. There are also some topic-specific commands at the bottom: [Forget], [Retire], and links to the topic as a whole and to the conference.

Lastly, at the very end is a form for posting a new response to the topic. Just fill in the text, and optionally a pseudonym for just this response, and hit [Post].

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