Help on Hotlist Page

This page shows the conferences on your hotlist, along with info on how many topics there are in each conference and how many have new stuff in them. A sample:

Choose a conference to read:

      conference topics newr bnew

         commons   23    4    1
        newstech   14    2    -
            test  103    -    2

The conference names are links that will take you to that [conference's page]. The other columns are:

Also, visiting this page has the side effect of resetting your hotlist's current-conference pointer to the top, so this is a good place to visit before you start a scan through your conferences via the [Next] command.

This is also a good page to leave up in your browser all day, since it has a special feature: it automatically reloads itself after ten minutes, so you can see if anyone has posted anything new. No other page in ACME News does this.

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