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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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28nov2010 Conzelman
Conzelman Road in the Marin Headlands was closed for a year or so, and just re-opened, so I biked it.

25nov2010 Thanksgiving
T-day dinner at my sister's house, but without my sister - she fled to Switzerland!

23nov2010 Bevatron
LBNL's Bevatron is down to just a stump. Also a nice sunset.

21nov2010 SF
After a tremendous rainstorm the night before, a sunny day.

17nov2010 Crab Day
San Francisco's dungeness crab season has opened, so I went into the city to eat some!

14nov2010 Moffett
An afternoon at the Moffett Field Museum.

13nov2010 Sunset
Another good one.

13nov2010 Berkeley Photowalk
A photowalk in downtown Berkeley.

12nov2010 FNDSC
The Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club's November photowalk.

08-10nov2010 Sunsets
A couple more nice sunsets.

04-05nov2010 Sunsets
Two days in a row with good sunsets.

03nov2010 SF
The Giants had a victory parade - I saw just the outskirts of it, that was as close as I wanted to get. Then rode along the waterfront.

01nov2010 SF
Went to San Francisco to watch the Giants win the World Series!

30oct2010 Rally
The Daily Show's Rally For Sanity (San Francisco satellite edition).

26oct2010 Sacramento
A day trip to Sacramento to look for old signs.

21oct2010 Nightlife
The Mermen at the California Academy of Sciences.

10oct2010 SF
The Italian Heritage Parade, plus a few more Blue Angels shots.

08oct2010 Fleet Week
Fleet Week 2010 opens with the Blue Angels doing a practice run.

06oct2010 Whale
Went to see a rare blue whale washed up on the beach near Pescadero. Afterwards I continued down highway 1 to Santa Cruz.

24sep2010 Moffett Trail
Took BART to the south bay to ride the newly-opened Moffett Field segment of the Bay Trail.

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