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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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11sep2009 Old Finley
Went looking for the Volvon indian mortar rock off Old Finley Road at the head of Riggs Canyon.

07sep2009 Bay Bridge
I got invited on a bridge-viewing boat ride.

06sep2009 Sunday Streets
San Francisco has been closing a major street to cars each Sunday this Summer. Today they closed the Great Highway, along Ocean Beach.

05sep2009 Rail Fair
The Historic Rail Fair at Ardenwood Regional Preserve.

02sep2009 SF
A few shots while biking across SF to the ocean and back.

29aug2009 Oakland
Biked to Jack London Square and back.

25aug2009 Sonoma
A visit to Schellville, Sonoma, and Traintown.

22aug2009 Bat Mitzvah
My niece's bat mitzvah in Palo Alto.

14aug2009 Jingletown
Rode to the Jingletown district of Oakland for the monthly Estuary Art Attack.

12aug2009 Sunset
A nice sunset over Mt. Tam.

11aug2009 Hornworms
Found a couple of huge tobacco hornworms munching on my tomato plant.

09aug2009 Abbotts Lagoon
A day on the beach at Point Reyes. The weather was perfect.

07aug2009 Berkeley
A ride around west Berkeley looking for naked ladies. The FLOWER.

30jul2009 Alcatraz
A visit to Alcatraz.

25jul2009 SF
Biking around SF on a mostly sunny Saturday.

21jul2009 Sammy
I'm taking care of a friend's cat this week.

18jul2009 Oakland
Second try at visiting Twitter Street, this time I found it. Actually it's Twitter Court, and it's not where Google says it is.

16jul2009 East Oakland
I was looking for Twitter Street in the Leona Heights area, but did not find it. However I ended up exploring a stretch of MacArthur Boulevard that I hadn't done before and found some excellent old signs.

12jul2009 Rafting
South Fork American River, the Gorge run, with UC Davis Outdoor Adventures.

09jul2009 Petaluma
Drove the nephew to school, then spent the day in Petaluma.

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