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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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12aug2006 County Fair
A bunch of flickr folks went to the San Mateo County Fair.

10aug2006 Meetup
The monthly flickr meetup in SF.

08aug2006 SF
A nice afternoon ride in San Francisco.

05aug2006 Cattails
Some cattails at one of the ponds in the Tilden Nature Area.

03aug2006 Machine Room
After lunch in Point Richmond I visited LBNL to take pictures of various computer systems there.

30jul2006 Picnic
The local geocachers had a picnic at Lake Temescal in honor of Leigh Ann Hussey.

25jul2006 Mare Island
I took the ferry to Vallejo and wandered around the old Mare Island naval base for a while. Afterwards I biked back to Berkeley.

24jul2006 Richmond
An afternoon ride through Richmond.

22jul2006 SF
Went to Fort Mason to see the Photo SF exhibition with some flickr friends.

20jul2006 Excursion
Today was a Spare The Air day and all public transit in the bay area was FREE, so Leo and I did a grand tour. We started at North Berkeley BART, took BART to Embarcadero, the F Market to Powell, the Hyde St. cable car to Ghirardelli Square, the F Market back to the Ferry Building, the Alameda/Oakland ferry to Jack London Square, the 72M to 12th St., BART to Downtown Berkeley, and the 65 to the Lawrence Hall of Science.

19jul2006 Climbing
Leo had a rock climbing lesson at the Berkeley Iron Works.

16jul2006 Oakland Zoo
Leo and Art and I went to the Oakland Zoo. Later I met friends for drinks at Zeitgeist in SF.

11jul2006 Paris
Day twenty-five. Visited les égouts and Père Lachaise.

10jul2006 Paris
Day twenty-four. A quick morning visit to Suresnes to see the war memorial and American Cemetary on Mont Valérien.

09jul2006 Paris
Day twenty-three. Lunch in the Marais. In the evening, France lost the World Cup.

08jul2006 Paris
Day twenty-two. Went to the Jardin d'Acclimatation this morning - it's a little amusement park in the Bois de Boulogne.

06jul2006 Paris
Day twenty. Another Petite Ceinture expedition, this time along the north side of the city from Porte de Clichy to Porte de la Chapelle. In the evening, the monthly flickr@paris meetup.

05jul2006 Paris
Day nineteen. Leo and I did a grand tour of the métro, visiting the 3bis, the 7bis, and the station named for him: Léo Lagrange.

01-04jul2006 Normandy
A four-day trip to Normandy to see some D-Day stuff and visit friends.

30jun2006 Paris
Day fourteen. Ann and I went out to La Defense to look for plastic cows. We didn't find them so we settled for modern architecture and bad public art. Later, a quick walk through the new Musée du Quai Branly, and a really good dinner in the 6th.

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