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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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06feb2011 Computer History Museum
The Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

05feb2011 Tourist Club
My sister and I hiked from Mill Valley, up the Dipsea stairs, to the Tourist Club.

03feb2011 Emeryville
Sunny warm winter days have resumed.

31jan2011 Mushrooms
Went looking for mushrooms at Lake Anza, and found a few! Plus some shots at Huber Park in El Cerrito, and a nifty old Ford Falcon.

22jan2011 Bus Tour
I went along with a group of bus enthusiasts for a tour around San Francisco. Plus a sunset!

20jan2011 Eastshore
Some pix while biking through West Berkeley to Emeryville and back for a burger.

19jan2011 Sunset
Again with the sunset photos!

18jan2011 Sunset
Another nice centered sunset.

15jan2011 Sunset
Golden Gate sunset from Golden Gate Fields.

14jan2011 FNDSC
January's meeting of the Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club. This time we were in SOMA.

09jan2011 Sunset
A quick trip to Albany Beach for the Golden Gate sunset.

05jan2011 Emeryville
Biked to Emeryville to have lunch at the new FiveTenBurger food truck.

2011 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2011.

23dec2010 SF
A visit to the city for lunch and then drinks with some friends.

16dec2010 Marin
Rode from San Rafael to SF so that I could go through the now officially open Cal Park Tunnel, and also have a Crab Louie for lunch.

28nov2010 Conzelman
Conzelman Road in the Marin Headlands was closed for a year or so, and just re-opened, so I biked it.

25nov2010 Thanksgiving
T-day dinner at my sister's house, but without my sister - she fled to Switzerland!

23nov2010 Bevatron
LBNL's Bevatron is down to just a stump. Also a nice sunset.

21nov2010 SF
After a tremendous rainstorm the night before, a sunny day.

17nov2010 Crab Day
San Francisco's dungeness crab season has opened, so I went into the city to eat some!

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