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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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17apr2006 Berkeley
Couple of interesting sights while biking around Berkeley.

16apr2006 SF
Spent the afternoon in the city viewing various evennts.

13apr2006 SFlickr
The Monthly SFlickr meetup.

2006 Tomatoes
Another attempt at growing tomatoes in my back yard.

26mar2006 Diablo
Dawn and I spent the day at Mt. Diablo. The summit was cloudy but it was nice at Rock City and Mitchell Canyon.

25mar2006 Oakland
A flickr meetup at the Oakland Museum, follwed by a bike ride home.

18mar2006 Tilden
Nice sunny day for a ride through Tilden Park.

08mar2006 SF
A quick visit to San Francisco for lunch and a little sightseeing.

01mar2006 Botanical Garden
An afternoon visit to the UC Botanical Garden in Strawberry Canyon.

23feb2006 Año Nuevo
A group trip to see the elephant seals at Año Nuevo.

21feb2006 Tour Stage 2
The Tour's second stage was from Martinez to San Jose through the east bay hills. I rode up to the top of Happy Valley Road near Lafayette to see the King of the Mountain sprint. Afterwards I did some more climbing, for a total of about 2100' for the day.

20feb2006 Tour Stage 1
Dawn and I caught the 1st real stage of the Tour of California along Highway 1 near Stinson. Afterwards we went up Mt. Tam.

19feb2006 Tour Prologue
The Tour of California started this morning in San Francisco with a time trial climb of Telegraph Hill. After watching that I wandered around the city all afternoon.

11feb2006 Hunt Parade Flickr
Busy night in San Francisco! The Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt, the Chinese New Year Parade, and Flickr's 2nd birthday party.

08feb2006 Sunset
My Golden Gate Sunsets map predicted that tonight's setting sun would line up with the middle of the bridge when viewed from the end of the Berkeley pier, so I went to see.

05feb2006 SF
Went over to the city to see an exhibit of photographs at the Legion of Honor. Then, a nice ride back.

29jan2006 Oakland
I visited the Oakland Museum to see an exhibit of Edward Weston prints. That plus some wandering around downtown Oakland, and a very nice sunset, equals a good day.

19jan2006 SF
Nice sunny day for a ride in San Francisco.

15jan2006 Palo Alto
My parents wanted to see a ceramics exhibit at the Stanford art museum, so we drove down to Palo Alto.

04jan2006 Sunol
A sunny day! Went for a hike in Sunol Regional Wilderness.

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