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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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12oct2004 SF
I was going to visit some of the ships that were here for Fleet Week, but at the last minute the Navy changed the rules and wouldn't allow cameras on board. Poop. So instead I just rode around the city having fun.

09oct2004 Fleet Week
The Navy visits San Francisco. First the parade of ships, which I watched from the Golden Gate Bridge. Then the air show - no Blue Angels this year, but we did get the Canadian Snowbirds.

06oct2004 Mt. Hamilton
A day trip up Mt. Hamilton.

30sep2004 Berkeley
My usual daily ride through Berkeley, with stops at the North Shattuck farmers market, the UC botanical gardens, and Cal marching band practice.

28sep2004 Night Shots
On the way home from having drbnks with some friends, I took a few pix of moonlight and neon.

19sep2004 How Berkeley Can You Be?
The annual parade started out under a downpour, but after that it was nice, and not as hot as most years. Lots of very nice art cars.

16sep2004 New Idria
My friend Andrew wanted to do a day trip to this old mercury mine / ghost town in the middle of the Diablo Range, so I invited myself along.

2004 More Kitties
Oops, she did it again! Qusay had another litter. This time it was in the neighbors' back yard, but she just brought them over to my yard cause she knows I am a big softie. But the joke is on her, cause this time I will definitely get her fixed.

12sep2004 Stroll
The 2004 Solano Stroll.

10sep2004 Missed
A flight of four F-15 fighters flew right over my house five times, and I missed getting a shot each time! But I did get out of the house on a nice sunny day.

08sep2004 Bulb
A quick trip to the Bulb to finish off and photograph my latest piece there.

04sep2004 Mini Burningman
While all the other burners were up in Black Rock City, there was a mini burn on Baker Beach where it all began.

03sep2004 Richmond
A ride through the industrial parts of Richmond.

02sep2004 Calliope
Joseph Slusky's 1982 sculpture "Calliope" just got restored and repainted. The new color scheme is simpler and brighter. Here are some photos of the old paint job.

27aug2004 Zoo
Went to the San Francisco Zoo on a nice sunny day.

25aug2004 Berkeley
A quick morning ride to downtown Berkeley.

24aug2004 Street
My street got re-paved last week, and today they painted on the stripes.

20aug2004 Diablo
My friend Jordan wanted to do some radio listening from the top of Mt. Diablo, so I came along.

18aug2004 SF
A visit to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and a ride around the waterfront.

15aug2004 Limantour
A day at the beach - Limantour Spit, Point Reyes National Seashore.

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