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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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24mar2005 Paris
Another visit to Paris begins! I went to a school play my nephew's class was putting on. Then on the walk home I got some nice shots of the Eiffel Tower all lit up.

14mar2005 Franklin Canyon
Long bike ride from Pleasant Hill BART north to Martinez, then west through Franklin Canyon to Crockett and east on Carquinez Scenic Drive back to Martinez again. Took the Capitol home to Berkeley.

12mar2005 Bouverie
My parents and I visited the Audubon Canyon Ranch's Bouverie Preserve near Sonoma.

10mar2005 Sunol
A nice long ride from Dublin-Pleasanton BART, to Sunol Regional Wilderness, and then down Niles Canyon to Fremont BART.

08mar2005 Berkeley
My usual ride up into the Berkeley hills.

05mar2005 Cranes
I rode over to the Golden Gate Bridge to watch some new container cranes coming in. Then I rode south a bit to watch a more regular-sized crane lifting some of the few remaining 1906 earthquake shacks.

22feb2005 Sunny
Seems like this was the first sunny day in weeks, so I went out to enjoy it.

19feb2005 Chinese New Year
It's the Year of the Cock. Yay! I didn't do the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt as I usually do because I was worried it would rain. Turned out the rain stopped from 5pm to 9:30pm, almost the exact hours of the hunt. Oh well. Instead, I went over to SF around 7pm and rode around taking pictures.

10feb2005 Three Perfect
On a late-afternoon ride into the Berkeley hills, I took three perfect pictures.

04feb2005 Berkeley Blooms
My usual ride up and down the Berkeley hills, with a stop at the UC Botanical Garden.

02feb2005 SF Ride
A nice sunny Groundhog Day for a ride around SF.

29jan2005 Cerrito Canyon
My destination for today was the deep undeveloped canyon between Berkeley and Kensington, through which one branch of Cerrito Creek runs.

23jan2005 Nimitz Way
My parents and I went for a nice walk on Nimitz Way in the Berkeley Hills. I think half the city was out strolling.

16jan2005 SF South
I started at the Balboa Park BART station, biked down Geneva to the Cow Palace, checked out an old drive-in theater, and then visited Hunters Point.

09jan2005 Sk8 & Tide & Sunset
There was a brief sunny break in the weeks of rain we've been having lately, so I went out for a quick morning ride. The skate park near my house looked interesting. After that I tried to go to the Berkeley marina but the "Virginia Street Extension" was flooded by the high tide! So I got a sandwich and came home. Later at sunset I went out again.

06jan2005 Bulb
A not-quite-sunny afternoon visit to the Albany Bulb.

2005 Et Cetera
Miscellaneous photos from 2005.

23dec2004 Richmond & SF
I biked the route of the proposed Richmond Greenway, a.k.a. the old AT&SF railroad grade. This project has been funded for two years, I don't know why they haven't started building it yet. Later I went into SF for drinkses with friends.

22dec2004 Lindsay
A visit to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek.

15dec2004 Hayward Shore
A ride from Coliseum BART south to the San Mateo Bridge.

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