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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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01jul2017 Marin
Biked from San Rafael to San Francisco.

29jun2017 Bay Bridge
Finishing up demolition of the old Bay Bridge.

28jun2017 SF
A ride in the city with my nephew Henry.

26jun2017 Oakland
A ride through Oakland as far as the ballpark.

23jun2017 Richmond
Afternoon meander through Richmond.

22jun2017 Beach
An afternoon visit to Muir Beach.

19jun2017 Oakland
Bike lane patrol on Telegraph Avenue.

18jun2017 SF
Super hot day, so I biked out to Ocean Beach for some cooler air. Saw some whales! They have been hanging out near the Golden Gate Bridge for the past week.

16jun2017 SF
An afternoon / evening riding around the city. Really nice day, not too hot.

15jun2017 Oakland
A ride in downtown Oakland right after the Warriors victory parade.

14jun2017 Ballgame
A day game at Some Big Corporation Park. The Giants did not do well.

13jun2017 Coastside
Another trip to the coast, this time to a little known spot called Daisaku Ikeda Canyon.

12jun2017 El Cerrito
A short ride to El Cerrito and back.

11jun2017 SF
Sunday Streets on the Great Highway and Golden Gate Park. It was super windy!

09jun2017 SF
Had some rare June rain in the morning but it was sunny in the afternoon so I biked around the city.

06jun2017 Stop Signs
Investigating variations on the stop sign.

05jun2017 Coastside
Did a little drive down the coast to Half Moon Bay, with stops at Milagra Ridge and Devil's Slide.

04jun2017 Ospreys
Went to see a family of ospreys at Richmond's Shipyard 3.

03jun2017 Oakland
Did a nice ride through Oakland as far as Fruitvale, then back again.

02jun2017 SF
A ride along Ocean Beach and back to downtown SF.

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