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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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06nov2018 Albany
A new segment of the Bay Trail under construction along the Albany Shoreline.

05nov2018 Oakland
An afternoon ride to Oakland, followed by an interesting centered sunset from the Berkeley Marina.

02nov2018 SF
Did a very long ride through Oakland and SF.

01nov2018 Sunset
A nice sunset from the Lawrence Hall of Science.

30oct2018 SF
A warm clear Fall day in SF. I biked the Ocean Beach route.

29oct2018 Sunset
A pretty good Golden Gate sunset, from near Hs. Lordships.

28oct2018 Oops
Rode down to the Berkeley Marina for the sunset, which was not so good, but also happened across a Prius being pulled out of the water.

27oct2018 Richmond
A ride to Point Richmond. Lots of interesting vehicles.

26oct2018 Oakland
Another ride to Oakland and back. I checked on a recently reconfigured intersection.

24oct2018 SF
A warm Fall day for a ride in SF.

21oct2018 Sunset
The Golden Gate Centered Sunset season has started. This one was kind of misty and had a fog bank at the horizon, but I'm sure there will be good ones soon.

19oct2018 Orinda
Biked the Old San Pablo Dam Road from Orinda to El Sobronte.

17oct2018 Oakland
Back to my Oakland rides. Just a few pix.

15oct2018 SF
Another warm/hot day biking in SF. I went all the way out to Ocean Beach.

14oct2018 SF
Sunday Streets Excelsior, followed by a ride to Fort Point and back. Saw a whale!

13oct2018 SF
Did the Bikes To Books ride in SF - except we actually did a new literary walking tour of North Beach and Chinatown.

12oct2018 SF
Warm day for an afternoon ride in the city.

09oct2018 Oakland
Rode to Lake Merritt and found a dollar coin!

07oct2018 Fleet Week
Another Blue Angels air show, plus a bonus rocket launch!

05oct2018 Fleet Week
Fleet Week continues with a Blue Angels air show.

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