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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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21sep2023 Oakland/SF
Another Oakland / ferry / SF ride.

18sep2023 SF
Nice long ride out to the Great Highway on a sunny day, then back to downtown. Plus a little extra in Oakland. Total of 30.7 miles according to my nifty e-bike trip odometer.

16sep2023 Yerba Buena
Rode out to Yerba Buena Island to see a new sculpture which isn't quite open yet.

10sep2023 SF
Long meandering ride in SF, including Bernal Heights.

09sep2023 Oakland
A longer than usual ride through the Port of Oakland.

05sep2023 Oakland/SF
Another Oakland / ferry / SF ride.

02sep2023 SF
A nice ride on the Great Walkway and back through SF.

01sep2023 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

29aug2023 Oakland/SF
Rode through Oakland to Jack London Square, took the ferry to SF, then rode around there too. I ended up running my e-bike's battery down to zero!

20aug2023 SF
A group ride to Ocean beach, followed by a solo ride up Twin Peaks.

13aug2023 Oakland
My first long bike ride in a while. I've been recuperating from a crash.

30jul2023 SF
Did my usual Ocean Beach ride but on my new e-bike. It was a lot easier and faster. I'm gonna have to resurrect some longer rides that I used to do.

27jul2023 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

25jul2023 Berkeley
A quick loop ride for lunch.

24jul2023 Richmond
A little loop through Richmond and back along the shoreline.

23jul2023 Big Bounce
The largest bounce house in the world came to visit Golden Gate Fields.

22jul2023 SF
Finally got a sunny-to-the-beach day so I went out to the Great Highway.

21jul2023 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

20jul2023 Oakland
Rode to Oakland to get some noodles.

16jul2023 Limantour
Beach day! At Limantour Spit, Point Reyes.

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