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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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10aug2022 Oakland/SF
Rode around Lake Merritt, then took the ferry to San Francisco for a loop through the Mission and a nice meatball sandwich.

08aug2022 Marin
Took the bus to San Rafael and then biked south to San Francisco. There's a nice new bike path on the bridge over Corte Madera Creek.

06aug2022 SF
I saw that Ocean Beach was getting sunny in the afternoon so I rushed over for a late ride, including a lovely sandwich for dinner.

04aug2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride, with a stop for bún.

03aug2022 People's Park
Stuff is happening at People's Park again.

02aug2022 Oakland
After an overcast week we finally got a mostly sunny day. I did my usual Lake Merritt ride.

25jul2022 Oakland/Alameda
Did my usual ride around Lake Merritt, then went over to Alameda and biked the length of the island to Fruitvale BART.

22jul2022 SF
Checked on the Great Highway's sand level, then visited the new Tunnel Tops park. It's really nice!

20jul2022 Oakland
Went to see the damage to the Gilman/I80 bridge - it's pretty serious! Then another Oakland ride.

19jul2022 Oakland
A somewhat different ride in Oakland, including a visit to the old train trestle near the Bay Bridge.

17jul2022 Oakland
My usual Lake Merritt ride, with a noodle stop in the middle.

15jul2022 SF
Biked in SF, but it was too cold for Ocean Beach so I headed back towards downtown. Then took the ferry to Richmond.

14jul2022 Oakland
To Lake Merritt and then continuing south via the MLK Regional Shoreline.

10jul2022 SF
A little ride around north-east SF.

09jul2022 San Leandro
Did my usual Lake Merritt ride and then extended to San Leandro BART.

07jul2022 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride.

04jul2022 East Bay
A few rides around Albany / Berkeley / Oakland.

29jun2022 Oakland
Rode Lake Merritt and had some noodles.

28jun2022 SF
Visited Ocean Beach to check on the sand.

25jun2022 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride - two days in a row!

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