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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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26aug2021 Oakland
Another Oakland / Lake Merritt ride, on National Dog Day.

24aug2021 Oakland
Another Oakland ride. I saw a friend's cat!

22aug2021 Oakland
Another ride around Lake Merritt.

20aug2021 Great Pathway
Went to see the first re-opening of SF's Great Pathway at noon on Friday.

18aug2021 Around Town
Pix from a few short rides around Berkeley.

14aug2021 Marin
Biked San Rafael - San Francisco, which I hadn't done in a while.

12aug2021 Oakland / SF
Rode in Oakland and SF, with a ferry ride in between.

11aug021 Bulb
A visit to the Albany Bulb.

10aug2021 Oakland
Another Oakland / Lake Merritt ride.

08aug2021 Oakland
A fast ride to Lake Merritt and back. Also some nature shots including a Monarch chrysalis and a cactus flower.

06aug2021 SF
Sunshine predicted, but wildfire smoke showed up mid-day.

03aug2021 Oakland
All the way to Coliseum BART.

01aug2021 SF
A beautiful sunny warm day for a ride on the Great Highway.

29jul2021 Oakland
Oakland again, this time all the way to Fruitvale BART.

27jul2021 Oakland
Yet another Lake Merritt ride.

25jul2021 Oakland
Afternoon ride to Oakland.

23jul2021 SF
Sunny all the way to the beach! I biked the Great Highway.

21jul2021 Richmond
An afternoon ride out to Point Richmond, which I haven't done in a while.

20jul2021 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt circumnavigation.

18jul2021 Oakland
Another afternoon ride around Lake Merritt.

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