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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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12jun2022 Berkeley
A few pix from around Berkeley.

09jun2022 Point Richmond
I rode to Point Richmond to see a dead whale, but it had been buried a few hours before I got there.

07jun2022 Oakland/SF
Another Oakland and SF ride.

05jun2022 Oakland/SF
Rode to downtown Oakland, then took BART into SF for another ride out to Ocean Beach.

03jun2022 Oaklands
Two rides to Oakland.

29may2022 Oakland/SF
A long ride in both Oakland and SF.

25may2022 Oakland
Another short ride to downtown Oakland.

24may2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride, just to downtown not around the lake.

22may2022 SF
Another Ocean Beach visit, plus an extra loop through the Mission.

19may2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

17may2022 SF
Another sand day at Ocean Beach.

13may2022 Point Richmond
Little loop out the Bay Trail to Point Richmond, back via the Richmond and Ohlone Greenways, and then a bit of East Bay Bike Party.

12may2022 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride.

10may2022 Tilden & Wildcat
A ride down through Tilden and Wildcat Canyon parks. There are still wildflowers and green grass but not for much longer.

07may2022 SF
Another Great Highway ride.

03may2022 SF
A nice sunny day for inspecting the sand on the Great Highway.

01may2022 Niles Canyon
The biennial Niles Canyon Stoll and Roll returned. Huge crowds!

29apr2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride, with lots of people driving the wrong way down the Milvia fire lane.

27apr2022 Oakland/SF
Rode to Jack London Square, then took the ferry to SF and rode a loop through the Mission District.

24apr2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride. So many bike lane blockers.

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