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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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16mar2022 Oakland
Another ride around Lake Merritt.

14mar2022 SF
A day in the city.

13mar2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride. I was mainly looking at gasoline prices.

10mar2022 SF
Early morning trip to SF to meet up with the Roll Over Easy radio show gang, followed by a ride out to the Golden Gate Bridge.

06mar2022 Bay Bridge
It's once again possible to bike from the Bay Bridge bike path down to Treasure Island; and also, the TI-SF ferry has started running!

05mar2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride, with some yummy noodles.

04mar2022 SF
Went out to Ocean Beach but it was way too windy to stay for long.

28feb2022 Oakland/SF
Another Oakland and SF ride, this time via ferry.

25feb2022 Oakland/SF
Biked 9am to 7pm - whew! In Oakland taking photos of things that need morning light, and in SF out to Ocean Beach and back.

24feb2022 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride.

22feb2022 Berkeley
A few short local trips.

15feb2022 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride. The heat wave is over but it's still sunny.

13feb2022 SF
Biked Ocean Beach again on the final day of a February heat wave. It was glorious.

11feb2022 Sunset
Last centered sunset from the Berkeley Marina, tomorrow the viewing position goes to the Bay Trail.

10feb2022 Sunset
Went up to the Lawrence Hall of Science for an attempt at lining up the setting sun with the Farallones. The lineup was good but the weather conditions were not quite right.

08feb2022 Sunset
A centered sunset from the Berkeley Marina.

07feb2022 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride.

04feb2022 SF
Rode out to the Great Walkway again.

02feb2022 Owl
Did a short ride around the Berkeley Marina to stretch. One of the burrowing owls was being photogenic.

01feb2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

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