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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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11oct2022 Oakland
A quick Oakland ride.

09oct2022 SF
Foggy day but I put on winter gear and biked the Great Walkway anyway.

05oct2022 Ferries
The ferries were free so I rode two - Oakland to SF, and SF to Richmond.

04oct2022 Oakland
An Oakland ride, but not just to Lake Merritt and back - I went up to Lake Temescal and Montclair.

02oct2022 SF
Rode out to Ocean Beach.

30sep2022 Critical Mass
The 30th anniversary Critical Mass bike ride.

29sep2022 Oakland
Biked Oakland but counter-clockwise this time.

28sep2022 Total Transit
Some journalist friends were attempting a transit stunt, riding 27 different systems in one day. I tagged along for a leg. Then later, a nice sunset.

27sep2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

25sep2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride, but I skipped the Lake Merritt circumnavigation.

24sep2022 Birthday
My mom's birthday dinner.

23sep2022 SF
First day of Fall and it was clear and warm. I rode out to Ocean Beach.

22sep2022 Oakland
And another Oakland ride. On the way back, the first sunset of Fall.

21sep2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

20sep2022 Berkeley
A quick ride around Berkeley to check out some new traffic infrastructure.

17sep2022 Slow Streets
A group Slow Streets Slow Ride in SF.

15sep2022 SF
Rambling around north-east SF, with a sandwich from a new-to-me place.

14sep2022 Oakland
Another ride around Lake Merritt.

12sep2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

09sep2022 SF
Another nice Ocean Beach ride.

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