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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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04feb2022 SF
Rode out to the Great Walkway again.

02feb2022 Owl
Did a short ride around the Berkeley Marina to stretch. One of the burrowing owls was being photogenic.

01feb2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

30jan2022 SF
My first visit to SF in 50 days. Had a real nice time.

24jan2022 Oakland
And another Lake Merritt ride.

23jan2022 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride.

20jan2022 Sunset
Centered sunset from near Golden gate Fields.

18jan2022 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride.

17jan2022 Sunset
Centered sunset from Fleming Point.

14jan2022 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt circumnavigation.

08jan2022 Sunset
A centered sunset from Albany Beach.

02jan2022 Oakland
Another Oakland ride. Flowers are starting.

01jan2022 Sunset
The centered sunset viewing point has started heading south again.

31dec2021 Richmond
A New Year's Eve ride out to San Pablo and back through Richmond.

30dec2021 Oakland
2021 is ending with a spell of sunny weather, so I enjoyed a nice warm Oakland ride.

27dec2021 Oakland
Another Oakland ride, similar to yesterday's. This time the rain held off, although at the end it was very cold.

26dec2021 Oakland
Tried a quick ride to Oakland before the rain resumed. I lost the race.

25dec2021 Christmas
A few Berkeley rides, plus Christmas dinner with my family.

18dec2021 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride.

17dec2021 Sunset
The centered sunset viewing spot has reached its northernmost point, Mad Mark's Castle on Albany Bulb. Soon it will turn around and head south.

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