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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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09dec2021 Oakland
An afternoon ride to Lake Merritt, followed by a centered sunset.

07dec2021 Oakland
Lunchtime ride to Oakland.

05dec2021 Point Richmond
Rode out the Richmond Greenway to Point Richmond, and back on the Bay Trail.

04dec2021 Bridge
A new bike/ped bridge in Emeryville just opened.

01dec2021 Sunset
Another centered sunset. Very calm water.

28nov2021 SF
70°F November days continue, so I biked the Great Highway again.

26nov2021 SF
BART to Daly City, then bike back to Downtown SF.

25nov2021 Thanksgiving
First T-day in two years.

23nov2021 Sunset
Another Golden Gate sunset.

20nov2021 Sunset
Another Golden Gate sunset.

17nov2021 SF
Very long but relaxed ride in SF, culminating with me getting my COVID booster shot.

16nov2021 Sunset
Recycling stuff at my mom's, and another Golden Gate sunset.

14nov2021 Sunset
Another Golden Gate sunset.

11nov2021 SF
A 70°F November day, perfect for meandering around SF.

10nov2021 Sunset
Another Golden Gate sunset.

07nov2021 SF
Beautiful warm Fall day for an Ocean Beach ride.

06nov2021 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride, with some interesting street art.

04nov2021 Oakland
Another Lake Merritt ride, and a Golden Gate sunset.

02nov2021 Sunset
A simple but pretty Golden Gate sunset.

29oct2021 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

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