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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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22jun2021 Oakland
First ride of Summer! I went to Lake Merritt.

17jun2021 SF
A super hot day in SF. I took the ferry from Richmond at daybreak and was home by 2pm.

16jun2021 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

12jun2021 Dinner
A big family dinner at my parents'.

09jun2021 Berkeley
Just a short loop around Berkeley checking on Slow Streets.

06jun2021 Oakland
Another Oakland / Lake Merritt ride.

05jun2021 SF
Did about eight hours of biking around and around the north-east quadrant of SF.

03jun2021 Oakland
Just a few pix on today's Lake Merritt ride.

02jun2021 Oakland
A Lake Merritt ride.

30may2021 SF
Nice long ride out to the west edge of SF and back to downtown.

27may2021 SF
Nice long ride in north-east SF.

26may2021 Oakland
A Lake Merritt ride.

21may2021 Oakland
For Bike To Wherever Day I rode a big loop through Oakland.

19may2021 SF
A ride out to the Great Highway where it was SUPER WINDY. Then through Golden Gate Park and back to downtown SF.

17may2021 Oakland / Berkeley
A few days of short rides around town.

12may2021 Oakland
Another Oakland ride. I got to see the Lake Merritt Zamboni!

08may2021 SF
First really hot day of the year; I rode the Great Highway and Golden Gate Park.

07may2021 Oakland
A nice warm day for a ride to the Bay Bridge fishing pier, then back through downtown Oakland.

06may2021 Point Pinole
A quick visit to Point Pinole. Still some green grass but no wildflowers.

04may2021 Oakland
Another Oakland ride with lots of cars, some naughty and some nice.

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