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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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25sep2018 SF
Nice long ride in SF.

23sep2018 Oakland
An Oakland plus Alameda ride.

21sep2018 Oakland
Another ride to Lake Merritt and back. Lots of people behaving badly, plus a big pile of discarded N2O cannisters.

19sep2018 SF
Extremely pleasant day for a ride to Ocean Beach and back to downtown SF.

18sep2018 Oakland
Another Oakland ride. Lots of Scooter Goofuses.

15sep2018 Oakland
A longer than usual loop through Oakland, including a leg on Alameda.

14sep2018 Sunset
Pretty good sunset, viewed from near Golden Gate Fields.

13sep2018 SF
A beautiful day in SF.

09sep2018 SF
Another warm sunny day. I biked the west side of SF, did Sunday Streets Western Addition, and finished up with the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge path.

08sep2018 SF
Beautiful warm day for biking in the city.

07sep2018 Oakland
Got a couple nice car logos on this ride.

04sep2018 SF
An afternoon ride around SF, mostly zig-zagging through downtown.

01sep2018 Ribs
A bbq ribs dinner at my sister's house, Chef Felix presiding.

31aug2018 San Leandro
Biked all the way through Oakland to San Leandro BART.

29aug2018 Oakland
First really sunny day in a month. I biked to Oakland and around Lake Merritt.

25aug2018 SF
A bit of wandering in SF, punctuated by huge numbers of drivers in the bike lane at my favorite spot - Folsom between 5th and 4th. 27 violations in 27 minutes! For some reason Saturday afternoons are even worse than weekday commute hours.

23aug2018 Oakland
I skipped biking for a few days because of all-day fog. Today sunnied up about halfway. Not so much fog as smoke from wildfires.

17aug2018 Oakland
An evening ride to Oakland. The usual people behaving badly (TM Stanley Roberts), plus some rowers on Lake Merritt.

15aug2018 Transbay
First real visit to the new Transbay Terminal.

14aug2018 Oakland
Did my afternoon bike ride to Lake Merritt and back. Found one more Stomper statue - the Mystery Stomper whose location was not specified.

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