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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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31dec2018 Sunset
Last sunset of 2018!

29dec2018 SF
A sunny and brisk day in SF, plus a nice sunset from Albany Bulb.

27dec2018 Oakland
Rode through Oakland to Arrowhead Marsh, then home via BART.

26dec2018 Sunset
A nice Boxing Day sunset from the Albany Bulb.

25dec2018 Christmas
A Christmas bike ride and a Christmas dinner.

22dec2018 Shutdown
Another federal government shutdown, so I did a tour of the various federal sites in SF.

19dec2018 Sunset
Another nice sunset, from Fleming Point.

17dec2018 Alameda
Went to visit the new Jean Sweeney Open Space Park in Alameda. There's a nice playground and a very useful segment of the Cross-Alameda Trail.

15dec2018 Oakland
Another ride down Telegraph to Oakland.

13dec2018 Sunset
Golden Gate sunset from Mad Mark's Castle on the Albany Bulb.

09dec2018 SF
A Flickr/Smugmug photowalk in SF, along Haight Street.

08dec2018 Sunset
Another good sunset.

07dec2018 Sunset
A centered sunset from the Albany Bulb. Also a new playground in Emeryville.

06dec2018 SF
Beautiful warm late Fall day for a ride in the city. Also the earliest sunset of the year.

02dec2018 Oakland
Rode through Oakland to Alameda, the airport, and Coliseum BART.

30nov2018 SF
Nice sunny day between rain storms. I biked around SF, including the Golden Gate.

24nov2018 San Leandro
Nice long bike ride to San Leandro, then BART home. For some reason the theme today was: typos.

22nov2018 Thanksgiving
Did a bike ride in SF in the morning, it was a beautiful Fall day. Then had a nice Thanksgiving dinner in the evening.

15nov2018 Crab Day
Opening day of commercial crab season in SF!

11nov2018 Oakland
Still lots of smoke in the air.

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