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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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07aug2016 Oakland
Rode to Jack London Square for lunch.

06aug2016 El Toro
Went to see a new sculpture of the El Toro sailing dinghy, near Point Richmond.

05aug2016 Lane Blockers
Lots of bike lane blockers today. Maybe First Friday closing five blocks of Telegraph made them more desperate than usual.

03aug2016 Oakland
Another ride to Oakland, more bike lane blockers.

01aug2016 Lane Blockers
A bunch of bike lane blockers in Oakland, plus one trash can mosaic.

29jul2016 SF
Wandering the city.

27jul2016 Oakland
My first ride on the Telegraph Avenue bike lanes where I saw ZERO blockers. There was one guy who zoomed past me on the right, going straight from a Right Turn Only lane, but that's not a bike lane issue. Of course on the return trip, guess what: lane blockers again.

24jul2016 Oakland
Rode to Lake Merritt to see a rowing regatta.

23jul2016 SF
Another day in SF with uncooperative weather out at the beach. I turned inland again, with a slightly different route.

21jul2016 SF
It was a nice sunny day all the way to the coast so I was planing to bike out to Ocean Beach but the weather forecast betrayed me and the fog came back. I turned inland instead.

19jul2016 SF
Biked in SF. All the way up to Sutro Tower.

18jul2016 Oakland
Biked in Oakland. More bike lane blockers!

15jul2016 Oakland
A few more cars parked in the Telegraph bike lane, a few more vehicle badges. And a dragonfly mosaic.

13jul2016 Bay Bridge
Four of the five 504' spans have now been removed.

10jul2016 SF
A beautiful day in the city, including a photowalk in the Mission, Sunday Streets in the Tenderloin, and a low riders gathering at Fort Mason. Plus some more bad parkers on Telegraph in Oakland.

08jul2016 Oakland SF
Biked to Oakland, then biked around SF.

06jul2016 Oakland
Aftermath of a big fire in Emeryville, and more parking in the Telegraph Avenue bike lane.

03jul2016 Dinner
Big family dinner! A bunch of birthdays, and also 50 years in California.

02jul2016 SF
A ride from Balboa Park BART, almost to Ocean Beach, and back to Downtown SF.

30jun2016 Berkeley
An evening ride around the Berkeley Marina.

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