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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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23nov2017 Thanksgiving
Some pix of cooking & carving & eating at Thanksgiving 2017. The shots of me carving were taken by my brother. And the sunset. And his daughter's nostrils.

22nov2017 Tilden
A pre-Thanksgiving walk around Jewel Lake in Tilden Park.

21nov2017 SF
A visit to SF to see the Macy's/SPCA kittens & puppies, and also the new crabs.

19nov2017 Bay Bridge
A quick ride out the Bay Bridge bike path.

18nov2017 Sunset
A pretty good sunset from Fleming Point.

17nov2017 SF
Beautiful sunny day in SF after a big rainstorm.

14nov2017 Richmond
A sunny day for a ride out to Point Richmond.

12nov2017 Oakland
One more sunny day for a bike ride through Oakland.

11nov2017 SF
Nice sunny warm fall day in SF.

06nov2017 Oakland
Another ride through Oakland, with some vehicular carnage.

02nov2017 Oakland
Quick ride to Oakland and back.

01nov2017 Sunset
A Golden Gate sunset from the Berkeley marina.

31oct2017 SF
A short ride around SF, followed by a centered sunset from LHS.

28oct2017 Oakland
A ride to Oakland.

26oct2017 Sunset
A sunset from LHS, because I wanted to check out the upcoming lineup with the Farallones.

24oct2017 SF
Long ride on a super hot day.

22oct2017 Sunset
Another Golden Gate Centered Sunset. Got some interesting mirage activity on this one. No green flash though.

21oct2017 SF
Super nice day. Did the Bikes To Books ride again.

20oct2017 Sunset
Golden Gate Centered Sunsets are back!

16oct2017 Sunset
Back to smoky sunsets tonight.

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