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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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26oct2011 Sunset
I biked way up into the Oakland hills to get a nice sunset viewpoint. On the way up I found some ladybugs starting their over-winter huddle early.

23oct2011 SF
The last Sunday Streets of 2011, on 24th Street and Valencia. Also a nice sunset.

22oct2011 SF
Hot day in the city! I biked up Twin Peaks and Mt. Sutro.

21oct2011 Occupy Oakland
I wanted to see what was going on at Occupy Oakland. It's a lot bigger than Occupy SF. Not as many fun signs though.

15oct2011 Occupy SF
My nephew Leo wanted to visit the Occupy SF protests so we went to a march.

14oct2011 Half Moon Bay
Epic bike ride from Colma BART to Half Moon Bay.

12oct2011 SF
Super warm fall day in San Francisco. I had breakfast at John's Ocean Beach Cafe near the Zoo, then biked across the city.

08oct2011 Fleet Week
Fleet Week continues with the Parade of Ships and more Blue Angels.

07oct2011 Fleet Week
Fleet Week 2011 is here! And starts off with a Blue Angels practice run.

30sep2011 SF
A long day biking around the city.

28sep2011 SF
A visit to the most dangerous spot in San Francisco: Dedman Court. It wasn't actually that scary.

26sep2011 SF
A beautiful warm autumn day in the city.

23sep2011 Eastshore
I did one of my favorite rides, the shoreline trail from San Leandro Marina to the San Mateo Bridge. Then I returned on Hesperian Blvd. and E. 14th Street.

18sep2011 SF
Fourth day in a row biking in San Francisco. Today was Sunday Streets on Grant Avenue, from Union Square to Coit Tower. After that I rode to Fort Point and back.

17sep2011 GWSF Picnic
The Guess Where SF flickr group had a picnic at Baker Beach. The weather cooperated with the first warm sunny day in it seems like months.

16sep2011 FNDSC
Another meeting of the Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club. We started at Yancy's in the Inner Sunset.

15sep2011 SF Evening
Went into the city to see some friends in an improv show, but I got there two minutes after the start and the doorman wouldn't let me in! So I wandered for an hour until the show was over and then had dinner.

08sep2011 Central Valley
A road trip into the Central Valley in search of old downtowns. I visited Vacaville, Winters, Dixon, North Sacramento, Elk Grove, and Lodi.

07sep2011 Wildcat
A ride down Wildcat Canyon, and back the long way through Richmond.

05sep2011 Petaluma
An afternoon walk around beautiful old downtown Petaluma.

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