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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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10may2011 SF
I was going to bike over the Golden Gate Bridge and into the headlands, but it was too foggy! Some other day. Instead I wandered around the city.

08may2011 Black Diamond
A trip with flickr friends to Black Diamond Mines, plus a quick visit to Mitchell Canyon.

06may2011 Oakland
Shot while biking home from Alameda.

04may2011 Botanical Garden
A visit to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden.

02may2011 East Ridge
Rode the East Ridge Trail in Redwood Park, followed by the Lafayette-Moraga Trail.

01may2011 Richmond
Relaxed afternoon ride through indistrial Richmond.

30apr2011 Milagra Ridge
Milagra Ridge is a former Nike missile launch site above Pacifica. This time of year it is wildflower heaven.

21apr2011 SF
Wandered around the city.

12apr2011 Berkeley
On a shopping ride through West Berkeley I saw some interesting things.

2011 Tomatoes
This year's two tomatoes are a Brown Berry and a Black Cherry.

10apr2011 Great Highway
Sunday Streets on the Great Highway and Golden Gate Park.

04apr2011 Nimitz
Did a nice long bike ride all the way out Nimitz Way in the Berkeley hills.

31mar2011 Iron Horse
Sunny day! But not super hot. I biked from the new West Dublin Pleasanton BART station to Lafayette, 23 miles on the Iron Horse trail and the Lafayette-Moraga trail.

30mar2011 SF
A visit to the city to see the giant Olmec heads at the de Young. No photos allowed there though.

18mar2011 Hail
Brief but intense hailstorm!

11mar2011 SF
A sunny day and I'm nearly over a cold, so I biked around the city.

04mar2011 FNDSC
This month's meeting of the Friday Night Drinking and Shooting Club was in: Chinatown!

03mar2011 SF
In SF for the evening to have some drinks with friends.

22feb2011 SF
Went into the city just to see the new "2010"s painted on the Giants mural.

20feb2011 Vollmer
Biked up to Vollmer Peak, elevation 1900', to look for remnants of the recent bay-area-wide snowstorm. Found a little bit remaining. Also some nice flowers on the way up.

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