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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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09dec2012 SF
Wow, 67°F today! I went for a ride along Ocean Beach again.

08dec2012 Sunset
A Golden Gate sunset from Albany Beach.

07dec2012 SF
Another sunny day in the city.

02dec2012 SF
After days of rain, a sunny afternoon!

25nov2012 Tunnel Road
I heard that the historical plaque on Old Tunnel Road had been cleaned up so I went to see it. There was also a new plaque that I had never seen! And later, a sunset.

24nov2012 Oakland
Biking around Oakland on a warm November afternoon.

23nov2012 Sunset
A nice Golden Gate Sunset from Golden Gate Fields.

22nov2012 Thanksgiving
Turkey day at my sister's.

21nov2012 SF
Lunch in SF and a ride to Fort Point.

17nov2012 SF
Another SF sandwich quest.

14nov2012 SF
Went into the city for a sandwich, and stayed until sunset.

13nov2012 Sunset
A nice (non-centered) sunset from the eastshore bike path.

11nov2012 SF
Muni's centennial celebration concluded today with lots of historical trollies running.

10nov2012 SF
Another day biking around the city.

06nov2012 SF
Some pix while biking around the city on Election Day to try and relax.

04nov2012 Kirby Cove
Biked over to the Marin Headlands for a Kirby Cove photowalk with the SFBAS gang.

03nov2012 Sunset
A centered sunset from the Berkeley Marina near Skate's.

03nov2012 Street Furniture
Street Furniture is a cute (mainly British) term for the various objects installed on streets and sidewalks. I set out this morning in search of a good sandwich for Sandwich Day, but ended up seeing a lot of interesting Street Furniture.

31oct2012 Parade
The SF Giants World Series Victory Parade!

28oct2012 SF
Spent the day in SF, first biking from Daly City, then watching the Giants win the WORLD SERIES.

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