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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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21apr2013 Diablo Flowers & Fish
A ride most of the way up Mt. Diablo. I saw lots of wildflowers, a rattlesnake, and a bunch of goldfish.

20apr2013 SF
A bike ride through San Francisco on 4/20, and yes I did stop by Hippie Hill at the appropriate time. What's the collective noun for a whole lot of hippies? Because that.

17apr2013 Marin
Bike ride from San Rafael south to San Francisco.

13apr2013 SF
Another ride along Ocean Beach and back through the city.

09apr2013 Battery Townsley
For no particular reason I chose today to ride over the Golden Gate to Battery Townsley in the Marin Headlands.

08apr2013 Oakland
A meander through Oakland, eventually reaching Castro Valley BART.

05apr2013 Oakland
An evening ride to Oakland for First Fridays.

03apr2013 Point Pinole
A mostly sunny day for a bike ride to Point Pinole and back.

01apr2013 SF
Lunch in the city.

30mar2013 FNDSC
Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club, Special Saturday Edition: Fishermen's Wharf!

24mar2013 Sunol
One of my favorite rides - take BART to Dublin/Pleasanton, south on Foothill to Sunol, then down Niles Canyon to Fremont.

23mar2013 SF
A mostly sunny day in the city.

21mar2013 Oakland
A few pix while biking to Lake Merritt andback.

19mar2013 Botanical Garden
A visit to the UC Botanical Garden on a warm but overcast day - which actually makes for more saturated flower pictures.

16mar2013 SF
A mostly sunny day, so I did a nice long ride around the SF perimeter.

10mar2013 SF
The first Sunday Streets of 2013.

09mar2013 Wildflowers
I hereby declare the 2013 East Bay wildflower season officially open!

05mar2013 SF
Some sun, some clouds, all freezing, in the city.

03mar2013 SF
A few pix in SF.

01mar2013 SF
A nice warm day in the city!

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