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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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28nov2015 Sunset
A pretty good Golden Gate centered sunset.

28nov2015 SF
My usual ride from Daly City BART along Ocean Beach, through Golden Gate Park, and along The Embarcadero.

27nov2015 Bay Bridge
Post-Thanksgiving ride out the Bay Bridge bike path.

26nov2015 Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving dinner with the family. The photos of me carving were taken by my brother Harold.

25nov2015 Wandering
Seeing the sights - a moonrise, a King Tide, window kittens, lunch in SF.

22nov2015 Sunset
Golden Gate sunset from Fleming Point.

21nov2015 South Bay
Rode from Palo Alto Caltrain across the Dumbarton Bridge to Union City BART. Also, butterflies.

19nov2015 Eastshore
Biked along the East Bay shoreline as far as San Leandro.

17nov2015 Sunset
Pretty nice Golden Gate centered sunset.

13nov2015 SF
A Friday the 13th ride in the city.

12nov2015 Sunset
A centered sunset with a green flash.

11nov2015 Martinez
Train trip to Martinez with my sister and nephew-in-law.

09nov2015 SF
Lunch in the city.

06nov2015 Bay Bridge
Another ride out the Bay Bridge bike path. The remains of Pier E3 will be demolished by implosion next weekend so I wanted to get a last look at it.

04nov2015 Sunset
Another sunset.

02nov2015 SF
Lunch in SF, followed by a nice view of an approaching early winter storm.

30oct2015 Sunset
Another Golden Gate Centered Sunset.

29oct2015 SF
Beach ride in SF.

26oct2015 Moonrise
Went into the city for an excellent turkey sandwich and a full moonrise.

22oct2015 Sunset
Today's Golden Gate Centered Snset.

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