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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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19jun2015 SF
Another ride from Daly City back to downtown SF.

16jun2015 'Stick
I wanted to visit Candlestick Park one last time before it's gone.

12jun2015 San Leandro
Biked from Berkeley to San Leandro, had a beer at Drake's Barrel House, then turned upwind and biked home.

08jun2015 SF
First really warm day this year! I wandered around SF on the way to the beach.

02jun2015 SF
Finally getting some actual warm days around here.

30may2015 SF
A quick ride along the SF waterfront. Some ships were visiting.

28may2015 Lake Merritt
On a ride to Lake Merritt I saw a bunch of sea hares.

23may2015 Bay Bridge
Demolition on the old Bay Bridge is progressing.

19may2015 Ferry Point
A ride to the ruins at Richmond's Ferry Point.

16may2015 Misc
A few pix from SF and Berkeley.

15may2015 Berkeley
Seen while biking up to visit my parents.

11may2015 Sunday Streets
Sunday Streets on Valencia.

08may2015 Oakland
Rode to Oakland for some chow mein and char siu bao - $5 at Tao Yuen Pastry.

05may2015 Oakland
Another ride through Oakland.

03may2015 Wanderings
A drive up Mt. Diablo and a bike ride through Oakland.

30apr2015 SF
San Francisco west side ride.

26apr2015 Bay Bridge
A ride out the Bay Bridge bike path. Lots of progress on demolishing the old span.

23apr2015 SF
Some interesting sights in San Francisco.

18apr2015 Berkeley
Roaming my town.

15apr2015 SF
Wandering around the city on Tax Day.

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