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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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25aug2013 SF
Attempted to see an America's Cup race in SF but it was lost in the fog.

22aug2013 SF
Got some fun shots in the city today.

18aug2013 SF
Another day in SF, with lots of fun events.

17aug2013 SF
A ride around SF.

16aug2013 Fairyland
Another Fairyland for Grownups event in Oakland.

15aug2013 Ramble
On an afternoon bike ride to Oakland and back I saw some interesting things.

13aug2013 Tiburon
Ferry to Tiburon and then bike ride back to SF, with a stop at the famous Lava House ruins.

11aug2013 Drake's
An afternoon ride to San Leandro to get a beer at Drake's Barrel House.

08aug2013 SF
Mostly sunny in SF, after a month of fog.

06aug2013 Edible
A few shots of ripening fruit at the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley.

04aug2013 International
A ride down International Blvd. / E. 14th Street, Oakland to Hayward.

02aug2013 Marin
A bike ride from San Rafael to SF with a little detour out to San Anselmo. Then in the east bay, First Fridays.

28jul2013 Sunday Streets
Sunday Streets in the Mission.

24jul2013 Martinez
On a whim I did an afternoon bike ride from Berkeley to Martinez, via San Pablo Blvd. and the decaying Carquinez Scenic Drive. Home via the train.

19jul2013 SF
A few pix in San Francisco while on the way to a friend's wake.

18jul2013 Wildcat
It's high summer in Wildcat Canyon. Still some wildflowers to be found.

17jul2013 SF
Biking in SF, mostly foggy but some sun along the bay shore.

14jul2013 Oakland
My first time riding the (not quite completed) new bike path to the Bay Bridge.

13jul2013 SF
Into SF early for a flickr photowalk in the Mission.

12jul2013 Oakland
A ride into the lower Oakland hills and then home through the induatrial flats.

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