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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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10mar2013 SF
The first Sunday Streets of 2013.

09mar2013 Wildflowers
I hereby declare the 2013 East Bay wildflower season officially open!

05mar2013 SF
Some sun, some clouds, all freezing, in the city.

03mar2013 SF
A few pix in SF.

01mar2013 SF
A nice warm day in the city!

24feb2013 Sutro
A flickr photowalk out at Sutro Heights / Sutro Baths.

23feb2013 Treasure Hunt
David Gallagher and I were the Official Photographers for this year's Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt.

21feb2013 Oakland
A few pix while riding in Oakland and Berkeley.

20feb2013 SF
Sunny, windy, and freezing at Ocean Beach today.

17feb2013 Baseball
Cal Bears vs. Michigan Wolverines. Cal won. In fact they swept the three-game home opener series.

15feb2013 Ocean Beach
Forecast was for 70°F today so I biked out to the beach. It was indeed glorious.

14feb2013 Richmond
I went to check out a (tiny) new segment of the Bay Trail near the mouth of Wildcat Creek.

12feb2013 SF
Another afternoon in the city.

11feb2013 Wildcat
Most years this trail is too muddy to ride, but we have had a record dry year so far. There were only two spots where I had to get off and carry the bike over a mud hole.

10feb2013 Berkeley
A quick ride around Berkeley.

09feb2013 For a Beer
I biked from Berkeley to San Leandro to get a glass of Drake's Hopocalypse. It was: good.

08feb2013 SF
Another sunny but COLD day in SF.

06feb2013 SF
Sunny but cold today. I biked the city perimeter anyway.

03feb2013 SF
Superbowl Sunday in SF. Pretty deserted! Except for Chinatown, where it was the start of New Year's celebrations.

01feb2013 Oakland
An afternoon meander to Oakland and back.

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