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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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02sep2016 Two Ferries
I took the ferry from SF to Tiburon, biked back to SF, then took another ferry to Oakland and biked home. Phew!

31aug2016 SF
Another warm sunny day, so I enjoyed it in the city.

29aug2016 Oakland
Ride to Oakland and back.

We finally got a fully sunny day in San Francisco! I rode out to Ocean Beach and back through Golden Gate Park.

25aug2016 Bike Lane Patrol
Rode to Oakland and back and ended up only taking photos of bike lane blockers. There are still so many.

24aug2016 Oakland
A ride through Oakland.

21aug2016 SF
Rode around SF, including Sunday Streets on Valencia.

19aug2016 Oakland
Another ride to downtown Oakland and back.

16aug2016 SFMOMA
Spent the day exploring the new SFMOMA.

14aug2016 SF
A Flickr photowalk in the Dogpatch, plus some rambling.

13aug2016 Oakland
Biked all the way through Oakland to San Leandro BART.

11aug2016 Jury Duty
Called for County Superior Court jury duty again. Oakland this time, not Hayward.

10aug2016 Bay Bridge
The last 504' truss section came down. After it was down on its barges they opened up the bike path so I finally got some photos.

08aug2016 SF
A mostly sunny day in SF. Still foggy out at Ocean Beach though.

07aug2016 Oakland
Rode to Jack London Square for lunch.

06aug2016 El Toro
Went to see a new sculpture of the El Toro sailing dinghy, near Point Richmond.

05aug2016 Lane Blockers
Lots of bike lane blockers today. Maybe First Friday closing five blocks of Telegraph made them more desperate than usual.

03aug2016 Oakland
Another ride to Oakland, more bike lane blockers.

01aug2016 Lane Blockers
A bunch of bike lane blockers in Oakland, plus one trash can mosaic.

29jul2016 SF
Wandering the city.

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