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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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16nov2013 Berkeley
Some sights while biking up to my parents' house to do a Google Maps API house call.

15nov2013 SF
Another day in SF. Still sunny and warm in mid-November!

13nov2013 SF
A nice autumn day in the city.

08nov2013 Bridge, Fog
The Bay Bridge in thick fog.

05nov2013 Waterfront
A ride along the waterfront to Oakland and back, just in time to see a centered sunset from the Berkeley Marina.

04nov2013 Bay Bridge
Another Bay Bridge ride.

02nov2013 Party
A big party for my sister's 25th wedding anniversary and my nephew's 21st birthday.

01nov2013 SF
I had an urge to bike out to Seal Rocks for the sunset.

30oct2013 SF
Things I saw in the city while biking around to various liquor stores, looking for just the right bottle of whisky.

25oct2013 FNDSC TL
The Friday Night Drinking & Shooting Club returned to its beloved Tenderloin dive bars.

23oct2013 Logos
On a ride through Oakland, I saw a bunch of nice old car logos.

20oct2013 Oakland
Another Bay Bridge bike path ride, then back through Oakland.

19oct2013 Corn
Close-ups of some Indian corn that I got at Berkeley Bowl.

14oct2013 Paradise
I got around to doing the Paradise Loop for the first time - a famous bike route in Marin.

13oct2013 Berkeley
Out and about in my home town.

11oct2013 Oakland
A ride out the Bay Bridge bike path and back through Oakland.

04oct2013 SF
The Diablo Wind was blowing. 80 degrees in SF. I went to the beach.

02oct2013 Shutdown
I biked around San Francisco visiting a bunch of federal sites that were closed due to Republican buttheadedness.

29sep2013 SF
Another long ride around the city.

28sep2013 Bay Bridge Dawn
Got up early and rode the Bay Bridge bike path right at sunrise. Beautiful!

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