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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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15sep2019 Oakland
Afternoon ride to Lake Merritt. Saw a bicycle race!

13sep2019 Oakland
Afternoon ride to Oakland and back on a super hot day.

12sep2019 SF
A late trip to SF to catch the full moonrise.

11sep2019 SF
Westside ride in the city.

08sep2019 SF
In the city for Muni Heritage Weekend.

06sep2019 Oakland
My usual afternoon ride to Lake Merritt and back. Decorative gourd season has started!

04sep2019 SF
Long ride in SF including a rendezvous with the 49MileMakeover gang.

03sep2019 Point Richmond
A pleasant loop ride to Point Richmond. Only three drivers tried to kill me.

01sep2019 Oakland
Afternoon ride to Lake Merritt. Autumn is approaching.

31aug2019 SF
Nice long ride across west side SF.

26aug2019 SF
An afternoon in SF.

24aug2019 San Leandro
Biked Berkeley to San Leandro BART.

22aug2019 Oakland
Another Oakland ride on a hot day.

18aug2019 SF
Sunday Streets on Folsom Street.

16aug2019 Oakland
Afternoon ride to Oakland and back. The heat wave of the past four days finally broke.

14aug2019 SF
Hot sunny day, perfect for a ride out to Ocean Beach.

12aug2019 Oakland
My usual ride to Oakland. Hot day so I had a smoothie.

11aug2019 SF
The new Transbay Terminal finally re-opened so I biked out the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island and then took the bus to SF.

08aug2019 SF
A nice ride out to Ocean Beach and back. Golden Gate Park is about to be closed for Outside Lands.

06aug2019 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

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