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"This is the world, muchachos. This is the real world, and you are in it."
-- B. Traven

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26jun2019 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

23jun2019 San Leandro
A pleasant afternoon ride from Berkeley to San Leandro.

21jun2019 SF
First day of Summer! I did my own mini Fête de le Musique by staying in SF after dark. Didn't even make it to the last BART train at midnight. I am old.

19jun2019 SF
Mostly overcast day biking around SF.

18jun2019 Oakland / Alameda
My sister is back, I returned her car, and I'm back to biking only. Ahhh.

15jun2019 Skaggs Island
A once-a-year open house at Skaggs Island.

13jun2019 Tiburon
Biked the Paradise Loop around the Tiburon Peninsula with my nephew, then went back and hiked a bit on Ring Mountain to see the Tiburon Mariposa lily.

11jun2019 Oakland
Biked to Oakland on the third hot day in a row.

08jun2019 SF
Nice warm day for a ride out to Ocean Beach.

04jun2019 Point Reyes
I have my sister's car for a few weeks, so I drove to Point Reyes. Still lots of wildflowers and elephant seals.

03jun2019 Oakland
Haven't done my afternoon Oakland ride in a while but I did it today.

29may2019 Wildcat
Biked down Wildcat Canyon, even though the park district said the trail was washed out. (It was fine.)

27may2019 SF
A Memorial Day ride around SF.

25may2019 Tubes
Came across an excellent series of gigantic tubes in Oakland.

24may2019 Oakland
Another afternoon ride to Oakland.

22may2019 SF
Finally a sunny warm Spring day to enjoy the city. Did some more bike lane measuring, had a yummy sandwich, and saw a bunch of cool birds.

19may2019 Oakland
Biked to Oakland for lunch, in on-and-off drizzle.

17may2019 SF
Nice long ride in SF on a sunny betwen two late-season storms.

13may2019 Measuring
Brought along my tape measure to check the widths of two new bike lanes, one in Oakland and one in SF.

10may2019 Oakland
Another Oakland ride.

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