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Old One, 21dec2003 11am
I visited the cache today because there was a huge landslide in the area, so I wanted to check up on it. The cache is still ok. However, the state park rangers were putting up new AREA CLOSED signs, so access may be a problem for a while.

One word son, Plastic. by Seekcache, 10nov2003 4pm
Definitely had to use the hint. Took a Got Wake? compass/thermometer key fob, left a Hello Kitty walking toy.

madera view by team dolphin, 10nov2003 3:30pm
From above I got within 100', from below within 400'. I'll try again soon, I bike this area often.

Rock & Roll by marfack, 10nov2003 3pm
Easily found, although the coordinates were about 60' off for me - it was more like 54.763 instead of 54.753. Also the log book inside the cache said 54.773. Took a domino, left a nice smooth rock with a mysterious slot cut into it. I covered it a bit better, so that just a tiny bit is visible.

Phone home by 4forfun, 05oct2003 2:30pm
Very bad GPS reception back here, but using the hint I found the cache in a few minutes. Took a Warheads sour lemon drop, left a Shell "Mr. President" game token of Abraham Lincoln.

Disney's Horseshoe Review by DogWillHunt, 05oct2003 3pm
I couldn't get my companions to go inside and actually watch the show, as the cache requires, but I did get this nice shot of one of the teaser shows out front.

WD's Original by sbell111, 04oct2003 5pm
GPS reception was pretty bad in here, but by assuming the marker was along the centerline of the area it was not too hard to find.

Old One, 17sep2003 3:30pm
I've wanted to place a cache here for a long time.

Archived A Hole in the Air, 13sep2003
bthomas removed the cache at the request of the nearby security guards, so I'm archiving it. It was up on the old trestle, in a hole. This one had a good run - thanks, everyone!

Feeling Groovy, 06sep2003 6pm
Since there were two more non-finds in a row, I checked up on this one again. It's still there, still in exactly the right place. The most recent log entry was 07aug2003 by rascel. Current contents: two dimes and a Pinole Bicentennial cloisonné pin.

Archived XIII, 22aug2003 5pm
As CleDvy reported, the object that the cache was hidden inside has been removed from the immediate area. There's nothing to replace the cache inside, so I'm archiving it. FYI, it was hidden on the corner of the concrete structure above the bike path. This structure was part of old highway 13, hence the title of the cache. The exact mechanism of the hide I'm keeping a secret, since I might want to use it again in a new cache.

Feeling Groovy, 31jul2003 3pm
After the recent non-finds I thought I ought to check up on this one. It's still there, in exactly the right place. The most recent log entry was 05jul2003 by CleDvy. For my trouble I took the one dollar Indian gaming token - I have a weakness for exonumia.

Archived Under An Ounce, 23jul2003 5pm
This cache has gone missing so I'm archiving it.

A Hole in the Air, 15jul2003 6pm
I stopped by here on the way home from a long bike ride through Oakland. The container is in ok shape, and it was in the correct spot and well-camouflaged. I took a pic of myself.

Statue of Liberty by konradzuse, 15jul2003 5pm
N 37° 46.885' W 122° 14.603' - At LJ Quinn's Lighthouse Pub in Oakland CA.

Leona Seilbahn, 15jul2003 3pm
Replaced the missing ammo box. It's back in the original location now, too. Please remember to replace caches precisely where you found them.

Sutro Baths by Graymalkin, 27jun2003 5pm
I poked around and climbed up and down but didn't find the cache. GPS was giving two different locations about 100' apart. I'll try again some other time.

Lucien's Cache by LooneyTunes, 27jun2003 4pm
I love this spot but I still haven't gotten around to eating here. I did however poke around in the "City Store", where among other things they sell authentic 49 Mile Scenic Drive signs for $50. I might have to come back and get one of those! Anyway, the answer is Znex Gjnva.

Gorilla's Double D by Novato Larry, 27jun2003 3:30pm
Very nice hide. Signed the log and added a half-penny that I found earlier in Daly City.

Berkeley Crossings Two by KermitDFrog, 16jun2003 4pm
Found without GPS. Added my little slip of paper. Did not take a penny, I am already lucky enough!

Lombard Street by vdbalamo, 14jun2003 5pm
I STOPped by to grab this one. It was fun getting and replacing it without any of the hundreds of tourists noticing. Took a 20 pence coin, left a Sacagewea dollar.

Lillie's Cache by LooneyTunes, 14jun2003 4:30pm
Finally got around to snagging this virtual. The famous Telegraph Hill feral parrots were making quite a racket. Headline reads: CBYVPR EBOORQ, NPPHFR QVYYVATRE

Early Bird gets the Cache! by LooneyTunes, 14jun2003 4pm
I've always wondered where this park is! Now I know. Great view. Didn't find the cache, though.

Momma Cache's Baby by Frankenlurch, 14jun2003 3:30pm
Just a few minutes of poking around and I found it. I also found a nice jawbone right near the cache! Took a 20 pence coin, left a Sacagewea dollar.

Crazy Lines by Frankenlurch, 14jun2003 3pm
After striking out on an earlier very brief visit, I found it right away this time, with help from another pair of geocachers who were there before me.

Wake Up! by Frankenlurch, 14jun2003 2:30pm
GPS reception was real bad here, I needed the hint. But with that it was easily found. Took a smutty astrology token, left a Sacagewea dollar. Some other geocachers found me as I was signing the log.

Trifecta Vista, 26may2003 5pm
I was in the neighborhood so I checked up on this cache. It was in the open with the contents scattered. I salvaged what I could and re-hid it. The container is fine. The log book was not present.

Bullsi, 25may2003 2pm
I checked up on this and didn't see it. Hope it's not gone!

Olde Growth Cache, 17may2003 6pm
Mini-Mouse wanted to visit scenic spots so I brought her up here. Also, I noticed in the log that this cache's box was disintegrating, so I brought along one of my custom-painted camo ammo boxes. I dried off everything that was salvagable and transferred it to the new box, which is now hidden as it was originally placed. The logbook and geoinfo page are still fine, but the ziplock bag they are in does have a hole so it ought to be replaced too. But no rush on that, the ammo box should be water-tight and anyway the rainy season is over.

There's No Place Like Home by vdbalamo, 11may2003 7pm
Interesting spot. Nice chair! But I didn't find the cache. The trail was mostly dry.

Call Dee Cott by bthomas, 11may2003 6:30pm
Nice hiding spot, but LOUD. I like the nearby cellular tree. Left a little plastic chipmonk figure, took travel bug "Mini-mouse".

we all scream for by Kaveh of Team Bench, 08apr2003 6pm
I didn't have my GPS with me, but I knew exactly where this would be since I had scouted the area for cache potential a couple months earlier. And there it was. I'm apparently the first to log this on the web site, but there were three prior log entries in the cache.

Tepco USA by CSN, 05apr2003 1pm
Great spot. It's been so long since I've done a non-micro cache that I forgot to bring a toy to trade! But I spent an hour or so taking pictures.

Treasures of Lamorinda: La by bthomas, 30mar2003 5pm
Once I had learned the trick at Inda, this one was easy to find.

Relic by Cachin' Katie and Sandi, 30mar2003 3:30pm
Beautiful spot but I didn't find the cache. I guess I'm the FTNF. I did get a nice pic of a sculpture on campus tho.

Treasures of Lamorinda: Inda by bthomas, 30mar2003 2:30pm
I looked for this thing for five minutes before realizing that I had leaned my bike against the hiding place.

You're getting Calder! by dgreno, 22mar2003 7pm
Found it but forgot to bring a pen. I took a pic of the museum to prove I was there.

Rockface Anza by The Hotwheels, 16mar2003 4pm
Found the rockface, didn't find the cache. I didn't want to poke around too much due to the poison oak sprouts popping up.

Signing Off by Kaveh, Team Bench, 16mar2003 3:30pm
Not sure what the deal is with the different locations reported by previous seekers. The current location is not high. It seems like a good spot, easy to find for players and impossible to see for muggles. Signed off, and added an interesting square coin to the cache. And I can't believe I got to this one before bthomas.

Ye Olde Fishing Holes, 16mar2003 1pm
Placed a nifty little cache near Golden Gate Fields.

Island 2: Treasure Island by LooneyTunes, 08mar2003 2pm
Beautiful day to wander around this island. The cache is in fine shape. Took a key. Left a T. Rex coin.

Toy Store 1 by dcoplan, 02mar2003 4pm
Looking for this cache made me feel like a character from "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly". Took a big blue superball. Left a tiny round tupperware container.

Don't Fall by Marky & Joani, 02mar2003 3pm
Found the right spot, according to the hint, but didn't find the cache. I lose.

City View by Novato Larry, 02mar2003 2pm
I love the bike ride up to here - when I had a girlfriend in the area, I used to do it every day. There were two cops gabbing with each other thirty feet from the cache, but I stealthily retrieved it anyway. The container was not quite closed due to being over-stuffed. I removed the rainbow/heart ring and that fixed it. And I got a good close-up picture of a local resident.

It's a Tankless Cache but Somebody's Gotta Find It by TeamJiffy, 02mar2003 1:30pm
Didn't see it. I did get a nice picture of some old wood grain though.

Triumph of Light by kablooey, 02mar2003 1pm
I was up here a few months ago on my way to the Twin Peaks caches, but didn't see any good hiding places. Good for you for finding one! The bumblebee in the picture was struggling to cross the road. Five seconds later a car gooshed him.

Under An Ounce, 27feb2003 5pm
I stopped by on my way home and ate the goldfish left by persons unknown. Yum.

Feeling Groovy, 27feb2003 2pm
A tricky cache in Emeryville.

GG Bridge View from the Presidio by Novato Larry, 22feb2003 6pm
My GPS was about 70' off, but the cache was still easy to find since I knew what to look for. Added a dime to the cache.

The Big View by Novato Larry, 22feb2003 5pm
Added a shiny penny to the cache.

LtVoSF* Beach by PaulWhy and Moon, 22feb2003 3:30pm
I guess I'm the 2nd to find this one. Love this spot. Had a picnic, took nothing, left a velociraptor coin.

Under An Ounce, 07feb2003 10am
An easy cache in the Berkeley marina.

Berkeley Crossings by KermitDFrog, 20jan2003 5pm
Snagged this one on my way home from work. Very clever! I had just enough time to sign the log. Took nothing, left a New York subway token. The photo is from my archives, of a nearby scene.

Archived Mission Clay Tile Works, 18jan2003 noon
The cache was never approved due to being in a No Trespassing zone, so after ten months I got around to retrieving the box. Someone had covered it over with a pile of twigs, in addition to the loose covering of rocks I used. That person doesn't appear to have done anything with the contents of the box tho. Shrug.

Berzerkley Superman by georgeandmary, 15jan2003 5pm
Was in the area, so I checked up on this one. Did not re-find. I think the configuration of the hiding place has changed slightly, and the cache may be gone.

Archived Hidden Presence, 02jan2003 5pm
Removed this cache for safety reasons.
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